Maelyn Helen Barber

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. We could not have asked for a better gift for Christmas. The house is starting to feel normal again. Maelyn has developed a good sleeping/eating schedule with the help of Kelli. She is making progress every day and her smiles are coming more and more frequently. Mason is also adjusting in his big brother role and doing a great job. Thanks again to everyone for all the support. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're home!

Well we are finally home! Maelyn seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings and to all of the kisses she gets from her big brother Mason! Now if we can just get her days and nights on schedule. She is happiest and most active between 1:00am to 5:00am! Although not the case for mom and dad! We are all coping and walking around like zombies, but to see her smile and hear her giggles makes it all worth it! We really appreciate everyones kind words and support! Hopefully we will all be back to normal and not locked up asleep in the house during the day! Enjoy the pictures of Maelyn on the flight home from China, entering the US, meeting Mason and bonding with him while he reads to her!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Say Goodbye to China

Last day in Guangzhou. We went to the Guangzhou Zoo, where Maelyn met such animals as turtles, fish, sharks, flamingos, tigers, elephants, etc. Unfortunately the Giant Panda Bears were eating and kept themselves fairly hidden. We are excited to get on the plane in less than 6 hours. It will be a 12-13 hour flight to LAX, and then another 2 hours to Denver. We will be arriving at around 11:00 pm on December 8th, after leaving at 9:00 pm from China on December 8th? Thanks again for all the support and comments. Take Care.

We have the Visa

Today was a relatively uneventful day, with the exception of the Visa for Maelyn being finalized. We as a group went to the US Consolate today, and finalized her Visa process, and swore in to take care and love our little girls. What a great feeling. All of our seats are confirmed on the plane tomorrow, and we are ready to go home. We spent the rest of the day doing some work, playing in the room, going for a couple of walks, and some misc. shopping. I took a great jog along the Pearl River this morning. In China, the mornings are filled with activities, as people exercise by swimming, Taichi, calestenics, dancing, jogging, and a form of hacky sack. It is really interesting to see such a large amount of people so engaged in taking care of their bodies. After the Visa ceremony, we lined all of the little girls up on a couch and took some pictures. It was an amazing sight. This may be the last post unless we find some time late tomorrow afternoon prior to leaving for the airport.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Guangzhou City Tour and Shopping

We are now 2 days away from leaving to go home, which we are very excited about. Our paper work was accepted by the consulate today, so Maelyn's Visa should be ready Friday morning, just in time for a Friday night flight out of Guangzhou. Today was a great day. Every day Maelyn gives us a little more eye contact, and she still is smiling all the time. She is also still eating well and it looks as though she is gaining some weight. We started today off with a trip to a historic school founded for all of the "Chen's" in Guangzhou. It has been turned into the Guangdong Folks Art Museum, and it held some incredible artwork, including bronze sculptures, embroidery paintings, and ivory sculptures that were awe inspiring. We then went to the Six Banyan Pagoda, where the babies took part in a Buddhist ceremony which is to give them luck. We also climbed the Pagoda, and witnessed an actual Buddhist ceremony as this is still an active buddist temple. We then went to lunch near the Guangzhou Mosaiculture Exhibition which was basically a large botanical gardens with incredible plant/flower sculptures, mostly in the shapes of animals. Then it was off to the markets. We started at a jade shop, and then ended up in the large shopping mall (5 stories) in the jewelry area shopping for pearls. The shopping complex was incredible as it went on for 5 miles, and was filled with people even on a Wednesday afternoon. We saw people eating "squid on a stick". After that, we returned to our hotel room for great Tai dinner, and a relaxing evening.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gangzhou'in it

Today was a beautiful day in Guangzhou. It started out with some group photos in the lobby of a local hotel. It is odd to see Christmas trees in a land that does not believe in Jesus Christ. Just shows that we have commercialized Christmas to the point everyone celebrates it, even if for the wrong reasons. After the photo shoot, it was off to the Medical Exams. Maelyn's exam went well. The Doctor also agreed that it was hard to believe that she is 9 months old, but he said that this happens sometimes, and sometimes the dates are just wrong? After the medical exam, it was a day of walking around, shopping, and just enjoying the day. We went out for a group dinner at a local popular restaurant. You can see from the picture that we had some interesting options on the menu (sand worms, snakes, eels, water bugs, and turtles). Luckily, our host ordered more Americanized food which was great. We will check back in tomorrow after a day of touring Guangzhou and shopping.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Going To Guangzhou

Well, our day to the zoo did not work out. It was very cold, and Maelyn had a rough day that she spent sleeping and fussing. So we just hung out in our hotel room, watched some movies, got some work done, and relaxed. Today was much better. Maelyn is starting to take food from the spoon, sit up by herself, and she was very attentive and happy all day today. The day started off by going to pick up Maelyn's passport (see picture). After that, we came back, finished packing, and Maelyn had some lunch (see pictures, apples, yum). Then it was off to Guangzhou. The airport was a little hectic, as we were there for 2+ hours, but it went by quickly. The flight was great. Maelyn travels very good (see picture). We are now in our hotel room. This area of Guangzhou is beautiful. We are on the Shamian Island which is surrounded by the Pearl River. The entire island is a hotel/tourist area, so it is much more comfortable than NanChang. Tomorrow we are suppose to get the medical exam, and do some tourist stuff. We will check back in tomorrow. Looks like (from the Broncos game, which we actually were able to see but for some reason they cut off the sound) that it is cold in Colorado. It is suppose to be in the 70's here tomorrow, which will be great after the cold weather of NanChang. Shee-yuh shee-yuh (thank you) and Tseye jen (Good bye)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pagodas Galore

Yesterday was just a day of playing tourist. We are still in NanChang as we wait for Maelyn's Passport to be completed. That should be done tomorrow (Monday) and then we are off to Guangzhou to finalize the process. We went to see a couple of local pagoda's. The first one was 190 meters tall. It has been rebuilt numerous times due to fire damage. The second one was still in its orginal state. It is surrounded by both Confuscious and Buddhist temples. We then went to do some shopping for porcelain (which this province is famous for). Today, we are planning on going to the local zoo and a park. Kelli and I have both experienced the local "foot massage" parlor. Wow, what a great 90 minute massage for $8. Best deal we have found yet.
As you can see, Maelyn likes to look at Mason's picture. We miss him very much, but it sounds as though he is having fun in the snow of Fort Collins. Have a great weekend and Go Broncos.